Mi-Glow® 778

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Mi-Glow 778 1 Gallon

Mi-Glow® 778

Mi-Glow® 778 uses our latest generation Mi Glow® 800 particles which have exceptional sensitivity, uniform size, and ideal magnetic characteristics for fluorescent magnetic particle inspection. Mi- Glow® 778 is a fluorescent yellow/green powder premixed with Wetting Agent #771 for use in water media. Wetting Agent 771 is a liquid conditioning agent that provides superior surface coverage and particle mobility. It’s chemistry includes corrosion inhibitors, surfactants, and defoaming agents to ensure a reliable NDT inspection. Mi-Glow® 778 is designed to be used with UV-A light to detect discontinuities typically found in the NDT of forgings, castings, welds, and components with finished surfaces.

Mi Glow
MI Glow-2


Provides total particle encapsulation, eliminating free unbonded pigment, resulting in a low background, high performing magnetic particle inspection powder

Sensitivity – The superior Mi Glow 800 particles have larger surface areas which mean smaller sized particles with increased sensitivity and brightness

Ordering and Specifications


Item # / Package Size
#3575 – 1 gallon bottle

Technical Specifications

Physical Characteristics
Green powder with a slight detergent odor.

Particle Certification
Particles meet all relevant industry specifications, including but not
limited to ASTM E 1444, AMS 3044, MIL-STD-271, NAVSEA 250-1500-1,
NTR-1E. Certification is included with each shipment.

Particle Color: Fluorescent Yellow-Green
Average Particle Size: 3 µm
AMS Standard: 3044
SAE Sensitivity*: 8
Temperature Range: 32-120°F (0-49°C)

*Representative of the number of lines shown on an AISI 01 Ketos tool steel ring as defined in SAE AS5282.



Mi-Glow 778 is used in the automotive and aerospace industries on forgings, castings, and on finished machined parts where extra corrosion protection is required.

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