Sir-Chem® dry method magnetic particle inspection powders are highly refined nonfluorescent (visible) pure iron particles used for magnetic particle testing.  Sir-Chem® dry magnetic particle inspection powders offer the largest range of color options to help provide the best possible contrast during the dry magnetic particle inspection process.   Sir-Chem® dry method mag particles come in grey, red, yellow, blue, and black.  All the Sir-Chem® powders are consistently sized in accordance with NDT industry standards and specifications.  Sir-Chem dry method magnetic particle inspection powders provide excellent colored contrast on surfaces with good particle buildup. These dry powder magnetic particle inspection powders are designed to be used in visible light to reveal medium to coarse discontinuities on fabricated components or weldments located on bridges, pipes, large tanks, machinery, and equipment. These magnetic particle inspection dry powders are acceptable for use on high temperature surfaces up to 800°F (427°C) except for Sir-Chem® 63 Red being 600°F (315°C).  Although not recommended depending on the magnetic characteristics of the inspected component indications may form after the magnetization source has been removed. For a successful dry powder magnetic particle inspection apply Sir-Chem® dry powder to the inspection surface utilizing a magnetic particle dry powder spray bulb or powder blower. As the current is being applied, dust the magnetic powder over the part.  While magnetization is being applied gently blow off any extra powder revealing a clear and reliable dry method magnetic particle test.