Mi-Glow nonfluorescent and fluorescent wet method magnetic particle inspection powders, concentrates and support materials are a staple in many NDT departments and services around the world.  Mi-Glow products utilizing the 601, 800, and 920 particles are made using an exclusive bonding process resulting in the most durable and complete bond of pigment to an iron particle.  A completely bonded magnetic particle is of utmost importance to ensure the elimination of unbonded pigment causing high uneven background interference during the wet magnetic particle inspection procedure. The manufacturing process of these wet method magnetic particle inspection materials creates a magnetic particle inspection solution with an extremely consistent size and background on the inspection surface.  These fluorescent and nonfluorescent wet method magnetic particle inspection consumables, support materials, and water conditioning agents excel in water-based magnetic particle inspections and oil-based mag particle testing functions throughout the aerospace, automotive, oil/gas tubular inspections, and railroad component manufacturers.

In addition to the wet mag particle testing powders and concentrates, the Mi-Glow product line includes a family of water conditioning agents, underwater magnetic particle inspection powders, magnetic particle carrier oil, and white contrast paint.  The state-of-the-art Mi-Glow water conditioning agents have extremely high dilution rates that translate to cost savings in both low and high volume wet magnetic particle testing situations.  Wetting agents #34 and #483 were developed to relieve health hazard concerns associated with borate (borax) containing chemistries.  The Underwater #12 utilizes Mi-Glow #601 to create an extremely brilliant and vivid subsea magnetic particle inspection regardless of water and weather conditions.    CircleSol® M is an NDT approved petroleum-based suspension vehicle. CircleSol® M is the industry’s highest flash point and is rated as a non-flammable liquid according to 29 CFR 1910.106.  Mi-Glow WCP is a specially formulated fast drying bright white contrast paint, used to create a consistent background on the component surface in a visible magnetic particle inspection.