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About Circle Systems

Circle Systems has been developing and manufacturing magnetic inspection particles for over 40 years. Magnetic particles are our primary business. Originally named Circle Chemical Co., we have been rooted in the chemistry of magnetic particle inspection since our early days. Our approach has led to products that utilize state of the art chemical technologies, best in class manufacturing methods, and a broad product line that is unmatched in our industry. Circle Systems has established our reputation as a trusted supplier to some of the most notable manufacturers and nondestructive testing companies around the world.

Circle Systems designs our products with worker safety and environmental protection in mind. Circle has led the way in developing products for use in water based carriers to replace petroleum based chemistry in many applications. We have eliminated harmful propellants from our CircleSafe® aerosol products. Our dry powders include a line of bonded products to reduce airborne dust from the inspection process. Our commitment to worker and environmental safety is not just a catch phrase, it is a genuine business model that is reflected in our products now and into the future.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified for the manufacture, supply and research and development for the process of non-destructive testing.
Click here to view and download our ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

When you do business with Circle Systems, you do business with a company that is defined by its employees. Every employee brings the pride of our success to the job, and this pride is reflected in the quality you will see in our products and our service. Circle Systems is ready to support your operation with the right products, friendly and knowledgeable people, and a service philosophy that puts your needs first.


Developing and Manufacturing Magnetic Inspection Particles for Over 40 Years

  • 1961

    Circle Chemical Co incorporated

  • 1970

    Circle enters NDT industry

  • 1971

    First MPI product sold to US Steel

  • 1980

    Underwater particles debut

  • 1988

    CO2 used as aerosol propellant
  • 1995

    Magnetic stripe cards debut

  • 2009

    Borate free powder wetting agent #34 introduced

  • 2010

    Larger aerosol spray cans

  • 2013

    First high temperature MPI product

  • 2014

    Introduced fluorescent particles for undarkened areas

  • 2016

    Launched latest generation of magnetic particles

  • 2018

    Liquid borate free Mi Glow 783 introduced

  • 2019

    Relocate and expansion to St. Marys Georgia

  • 2019

    Launched black dry method powder

  • 2020

    Expanded warehousing space by 10,000 sq. ft.