A dual response magnetic particle inspection aerosol can be a performance enhancing and cost-effective alternative to wet method visible magnetic particle inspection powders or wet method visible magnetic particle inspection aerosol sprays. Dual response or dual light magnetic particles offer extreme flexibility in magnetic particle testing in the field by eliminating the need for UV-A lighting equipment and the application, waste, and hazards associated with white contrast paint. This exclusive magnetic particle is designed to be used with visible light, UV-A, and/or a combination(dual response/ dual light) of UV-A and visible light for detecting discontinuities found in structural fabrications, welds, and oil/gas fluid control components. Increased particle concentration provides stronger indication buildup for effortless detection in UV-A, visible light, and dual response/ dual light magnetic particle inspection environments. Mi-Glow® 601 dual response/ dual light magnetic particles and water conditioning agent #771, formulated together in water media make up the CircleSafe® 850a. Mi-Glow® 601 ultra-bright dual response/ dual light red magnetic particles undergo the same latest generation bonding process as other Mi-Glow® products. This state-of-the-art bonding process creates an exceptional sensitive and brilliant magnetic particle inspection material. The water conditioning agent #771 offers best in class magnetic particle inspection coverage on the inspection surface and has the necessary corrosion inhibitors and conditioning agents for a successful magnetic particle inspection. Along with the other water based magnetic particle inspection aerosols in the CircleSafe® product line, the CircleSafe® 850a is packaged with a carbon dioxide propellant for an odor-free, fume-free, non-combustible, and SAFE magnetic particle inspection.